Monday, 24 August 2009

Digital Painting

And here we have a couple of digital paintings I'm working on - and getting frustrated with XD

Previous viewers may recognise this loligoth girl. Toshiko Minimari! She's an OC of mine - I started out wanting to draw this in my usual illustrative style - but after some persuasion from a friend, went down the painting route instead. It's going well so far, and I'm rather pleased with her!

This is a more recent one, started only a week or so ago. I'm not entriely sure whether I like it. Her face is pissing me off something chronic. I may just delete her head entirely and start it from scratch.

Both images are being painted in PhotoshopCS3 with so many layers I decded not to count them.

A series of digital illustrations

The first three I am not terribly happy with, and may re-draw at some point. The fourth one needs a bit of work, but overall, I like it - the last three I adore. And yes, that library scene is of two blokes kissing.

All drawn using my bamboo tablet, straight into PhotoShopCS3, about an average of two and a half hours on each image.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sketchbook - page fifteen, sixteen and seventeen

Three more sketch pages, this time filled during a day out first to the Tank Museum and then to Lulworth Cove, both in the south of England. I only had a pencil, eraser, black fine line and warm gray+1 tria marker with me - hence the style.

Two exhibits at the Tank Museum - the left imge is part of a 'walk through' experience, where you get to see up close and personal (albiet in a very sanitised fashion) what the Trenches were like in WW1. This particular exhibit is a man huddled into a small dugout, clutching at his hair and weeping. It's kinda creepy and rather upsetting to view - even though you know it's a manaquin and tape-recording...

The right image is a very quick, rough, pencil sketch of a 'Baby Gas Mask' - an all body suit that you placed baby in and hand pumped filtered air into. Apaprently it was never actually used, but during trials, it had a tendancy to send babies to sleep (probably due to carbon-dioxide build-up in the suit itself.)

I found both these exhibits intriguing, so I sketched them.

This is a page that I started in the museum - sketching visitors and children - and finished off at Lulworth Cove later in the day, sketching families at the beach.

This last is the view from my spot on the beach at Lulworth Cove. (I say beach, by the way, but it was really just a big, huge, long pile of pebbles of varying sizes >> Lulworth is NOT a good place to go wearing sandles...)

One of my favorite things about Lulworth Cove is the cliffs - they are cleared of any over-lying soil or grass, so you can actually see the rock. Lulworth's cliffs are the best examples I have ever seen (literally, with my own eyes) of the folding of the Earth's crust.

You can sit there and litterally see time on those cliffs, from the way it is folded and rippled. It's bloody gorgeous.

Sketchbook - Page twelve and thirteen

These two pages were filled while at Bromham-On-Sea, during a very british day to the sea-side (in this case, the tail end of an estuary, rather than the actual sea - but close enough)

The top page are all of the same family, playing in the sand, flying kites and so on - quite amused by the baby boy sitting fully clothed in the wet sand, picking up handfuls of muddy-sand XD Also a dead crab I found in a pool! I love drawing crabs.

The bottom was an attempt at sketching the donkey/mule riding stand. Apparently I fail at mules and donkeys XD and fail even more at trucks XD

All in pencil, fine-line pen and shades added with warm gray+1 Tria marker.

Sketchbook - Page seven & eight

These two pages were drawn while tending a carboot sale - all the people shown were random customers who either stopped at my stall or who looked interesting to draw but were standing further down the line of stalls.

Very, very quick sketches - no more than about twenty seconds each. Fine-lin pen straight into the sketchbook.

Windows and Doors

Here's the first image I've completed.

Started a new project, with the specific intention of making prints to sell at the local craft fair that's held every month.

Pen and ink on A4 printer paper - too many hours to count. Line work darkened slightly in photoshop, for clarity.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Sketchbook - page six

Today's and Yesterdays page - doubled up, because I had a busy couple days and could only manage one drawing each day XD

From photographic reference.

Note to self: Practice feet.

Darkened the lines in photoshop, so you can see them XD

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sketchbook - page five

I'm not sure I like this one, at all. Too.. girly? Mom said it looks like something a twelve-year-old would paint, and I find I agree.


Either way, at least it's only a rough practice thing, done in my sketchbook XD

Mixed media - acrylics (again treated like watercolour) detailed with felt pen, glitter-gel pens and a silver paint pen.


Sketchbook - page four 'Elegance'

Here's the page I did Wednesday. And, I was so pleased with it, I cropped it and framed it c.c

About 4 hours.

Acrylic ( treated like watercolours at first - layered on - and then painted thickly, with plenty of finger-smudging ) on brown paper. A little light shading with a Derwent Drawing Terracotta artists pencil was applied to the left side of the image after the paint had dried.

The background colours were applied Tuesday night, using various ' Pretty Colour ' pigment stamp pads and left to dry overnight.

The Kanji reads: 'Yuuga' ( Elegance )

Painted from ref.

Considering I haven't painted in over three years, I am damn pleased with this.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Sketchbook - page three

I've known BSL Fingerspelling since I was about 12, (and I'm in the process of self-learning the wider BSL) and all this talk about Braille (and the project idea I am now working on) got me wondering about incorporating BSL into the project somehow, as well...

So, for my hand studies, I decided to use fingerspelling images as refs (I even looked up the American version and doodled those as well) - so you have my name in Braille and Fingerspelling on this page XD As well as the Braille alphabet at top-right (which is 'bumpy' - like 'real').

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sketchbook - page two

Same media as page one, but this time, portraits from photographic reference. And yes, I stuck brown-paper into my sketchbook again c.c

Oh - the pink squares? For some reason, the scanner picked them up as white, so I put the pink back in, using photoshop.

I'm now aaiming to do a page a day - and I'll put each page here, as I do it ^^

Monday, 27 April 2009

Fresh Sketchbook - Nude Ladies

Opened a new sketchbook today, for to work on my portfolio. This is the first page ^^

Drawn from photographic references in mixed-media (markers, pencils, tipex/white-out, biros, felt-pens and ball-point gel-pens).

I can't keep my fingers off the white-dots on the black hair. It feels like brail and makes me want to do some hands-on art, using real brail, on purpose for people to touch...

More to come ^^

Sunday, 12 April 2009


Part of a personal swap - there is a matching ATC that goes with this bookmark. Obviously, the theme was 'Darwin' ^^

For the Original Art Bookmark swap on swap-bot ^^

This is going out to a woman in Spain, and I hope she likes it ^^

Textured card for the base, gorgeous green paper - two different types, hand drawn, inked and coloured Platypus on brown paper - torn to fit, detailing added with glitter-gel pens and a small gold corner detail sticker ^^

I enjoyed drawing the platypus - I've never drawn one before, it was a fun experience XD

Two bookmarks for the 'Gothic and Sweet Lolita Bookmarks' swap on Swap-Bot.

The girl I was making these for, doesn't like pink or hearts... which is pretty much the definition of Sweet Lolita... So, the Sweet one is creams, peaches and oranges, and note the distinct lack of hearts. Seriously, that one drove me mad.

I used many papers, many card, paper flowers, three types of lace, five types of ribbon, four brown buttons and ink pads to edge the bookmarks before sticking anything to them - oh, and a rose stamp for the backs.

I'm actually rather pleased with these, and I'm beginning to wonder whether I can SELL this type of thing c.c

What do you guys think? Considering the amount of work I put into them (and sometimes the kinda crap I get in return) what would you think of BUYING personalised hand-crafted bookmarks?

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


I want to get back into lifedrawing, but I can't afford classes, so I'm doing it from photographic references.

This is also an attempt to loosen up - my drawing can get a bit anal sometimes, so I want to practice being freer with my work.

As so, you can tell which one I did first XD

Rorschach - Watchmen

I needed to do something else for a bit (working on one thing for two long tends to get on my nerves) and so.. Rorschach happened XD

No, I've not see nthe film yet. I own the graphic novel c.c Rorschach's my favorite character. This is the first time I've drawn him.

Fully CG - drawn straight into Photoshop, many layers, many brushes, lotsa fun. Will probably draw him again XD

Saturday, 4 April 2009


Rough sketch, starter for a full image XD

Toshiko Minimari. She's a psycho - the finished thing will have a lot of blood on it.

Drawn straight into PhotoShop CS3, using my Bamboo Tablet.

And here I am, working on the inking:

Friday, 20 March 2009

Steampunk CityScape

This took five days penciling (with many moments in which I nearly threw it out the window) and a day and a half of inking.

For the Yamabushi webcomic c.c

And yes, it drove me nutts, bu I'm very proud of it, now that it's finished XD

Monday, 16 February 2009

Latest crafty stuff

Top: My Valentine Tag for the UKScappers Valentine Tag Swap ^^ Quite proud of that - got covered in pink dye while making it XD

Middle: Three bookmarks - the left one was for the Darwin Day Bookmark Swap on Swap-Bot - again, quite proud of that one ^^ The two pink ones were for a Loligoth Valentine Bookmark Swap also on Swap-Bot - again, very proud of those.

Very dissapointed with the bookmarks I recieved though - two horrible slips of thin paper, not even cut properly, with simple pencil doodles on them >>

Bottom: An ATC for the Severus Snape ATC swap on Swap-Bot - I think it's a couple months old now. I was very pleased with it actually, though I look at it now and think it's a little silly o0