Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sketchbook - page fifteen, sixteen and seventeen

Three more sketch pages, this time filled during a day out first to the Tank Museum and then to Lulworth Cove, both in the south of England. I only had a pencil, eraser, black fine line and warm gray+1 tria marker with me - hence the style.

Two exhibits at the Tank Museum - the left imge is part of a 'walk through' experience, where you get to see up close and personal (albiet in a very sanitised fashion) what the Trenches were like in WW1. This particular exhibit is a man huddled into a small dugout, clutching at his hair and weeping. It's kinda creepy and rather upsetting to view - even though you know it's a manaquin and tape-recording...

The right image is a very quick, rough, pencil sketch of a 'Baby Gas Mask' - an all body suit that you placed baby in and hand pumped filtered air into. Apaprently it was never actually used, but during trials, it had a tendancy to send babies to sleep (probably due to carbon-dioxide build-up in the suit itself.)

I found both these exhibits intriguing, so I sketched them.

This is a page that I started in the museum - sketching visitors and children - and finished off at Lulworth Cove later in the day, sketching families at the beach.

This last is the view from my spot on the beach at Lulworth Cove. (I say beach, by the way, but it was really just a big, huge, long pile of pebbles of varying sizes >> Lulworth is NOT a good place to go wearing sandles...)

One of my favorite things about Lulworth Cove is the cliffs - they are cleared of any over-lying soil or grass, so you can actually see the rock. Lulworth's cliffs are the best examples I have ever seen (literally, with my own eyes) of the folding of the Earth's crust.

You can sit there and litterally see time on those cliffs, from the way it is folded and rippled. It's bloody gorgeous.

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tina FCD said...

I love the first sketch. Sending my son your way, he sketches and draws. :)