Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sketchbook - page four 'Elegance'

Here's the page I did Wednesday. And, I was so pleased with it, I cropped it and framed it c.c

About 4 hours.

Acrylic ( treated like watercolours at first - layered on - and then painted thickly, with plenty of finger-smudging ) on brown paper. A little light shading with a Derwent Drawing Terracotta artists pencil was applied to the left side of the image after the paint had dried.

The background colours were applied Tuesday night, using various ' Pretty Colour ' pigment stamp pads and left to dry overnight.

The Kanji reads: 'Yuuga' ( Elegance )

Painted from ref.

Considering I haven't painted in over three years, I am damn pleased with this.

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