Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sketchbook - Page twelve and thirteen

These two pages were filled while at Bromham-On-Sea, during a very british day to the sea-side (in this case, the tail end of an estuary, rather than the actual sea - but close enough)

The top page are all of the same family, playing in the sand, flying kites and so on - quite amused by the baby boy sitting fully clothed in the wet sand, picking up handfuls of muddy-sand XD Also a dead crab I found in a pool! I love drawing crabs.

The bottom was an attempt at sketching the donkey/mule riding stand. Apparently I fail at mules and donkeys XD and fail even more at trucks XD

All in pencil, fine-line pen and shades added with warm gray+1 Tria marker.

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