Thursday, 18 December 2008

Mermaid Booklet

Whoo. This took about a month to make c.c

Details: Swapbot

You will take 9 pieces of sturdy paper. They have to be something between the size of an ATC and a postcard. Then you will decorate each paper on BOTH sides - the theme is Mermaids (and Mermen!). You can use anything you like, nice papers, fabrics, embellishments, ribbons, let your imagination go wild! And definitely don't just slap on a sticker! The sides of the papers don't have to be straight - they can be cut, ripped, etc. whatever will fit your artsy mermaid cards!

Once you're done with decorating you will cut a small hole into the LEFT UPPER side of every card, maybe secure it with something or pull a small ring through it and THEN you'll put all the cards onto a keyring. You can always add more decoration onto the keyring as well, like some ribbons or pendants - you don't have to though. --> UPDATE: If you have ideas for another kind of binding that will result in a neat booklet, that's ok. Just make sure you create a booklet, self-made. :)

As you may be able to see from the top photograph, I secured my pages to a ring ^^ I then added a lovely green ribbon and two strings of beads - one small one with blue and green glass beads, another long one with sea shapes and my swap partners innitials.

Page 01: Entirely hand drawn. The card was coloured and stamped first, then I drew on to it and added mre colour and some embellishments.

Page 02: I used an image of a mermaid sitting on the shore, onto lovely swirly paper and added some beads and a green stamp and some gold stamps.

Page 03: Entirely hand drawn in graphite, added some swirls in glittery green gel pen and some crystals and added glitter for shimmery effects.

Page 04: I used an image of some mermaids befriending sailors and decorated it with shimmery fabric and glitter gel pens.

Page 05: Another mermaid image, this time decorated with a stamp, a fish shaped brad and some lovely medieval style fabric.

Page 06: I coloured the card with blues, purples and pinks, then added a shell image and decorated with crystals, a small mermaid doodle and the Kanji for 'mermaid'.

Page 07: A mermaid illustration on shimmery pink card, decorated with glitter gel pens, two stamps, some crystals, a gorgeous brad and a flower-shaped bead - the lace to the right is stuck between this page and the next.

Page 08: A lovely image stuck on glittery gold card and embellished with a brad and some paper flowers.

Page 09: A hand-drawn ATC loosely attached to a stamped card background - with fluffy threads and crystals to embellish the ATC.

Page 10: A hand-drawn ATC loosely attached to a stamped card background - with glitter gel pens and crystals used to embellish the ATC.

Page 11: Lovely mermaid illustration on grey-brown card background, decorated with glitter-gel pens and glitter glue - a small seahorse keyring attached to bottom right corner.

Page 12: Mermaid image on card backround, decorated with stamps, glue-spot, fish shaped brad and glitter gel pens - as well as glitter-glue.

Page 13: Entirely Hand-drawn mermaid on striped blue-black-white card, embellished with gold-red-bronze thread, glitter gel pens, small silver ribbon and black brads.

Page 14: Mermaid image on glittery black card, and embellished with glitter gel pens, letter brads, pink-flower brads and beading on right hand side.

Page 15: Mermaid image on green-card background, decorated with gold pen, gold glitter gel pen, glitter gel pens, fish shaped brads and glitter glue blobs.

Page 16: Mermaid image on parchment card, decorated with glitter gel pens, brads, crystals and small flat flower-shaped beads.

Page 17: Mermaid image on card, with black paper, stamps, brads, flower-shaped beads, and glitter gel pens.

Page 18: Entirely hand-drawn on green hand-made fabric-paper, stamped, with green threads, glitter glue, heart brad, green and yellow brad and gold flower bead.

I'm really bloody pleased with these ^^

I recieved mine in the post last week - it was exclusively found images, but beaded and embellished really well - I love it! ^^

I decided to draw some of the mermaid pages myself for my own booklet, and I hope my partner likes it when it arrives ^^

And here's a close-up of the Hand-Drawn pages ^^

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