Thursday, 16 October 2008

ATC collections

I'm trying out ATCs again, so I thought I'd put up the ones I've done in the past ^^


Mermaids Collection - done for a ten person swap. I used water colours, acrylics, ball-point pen, glitter-gell-pens, tip-ex(white-out), paper cut-outs, stickers and bits of gorgeous wool.

Fairies Collection - done for a ten person swap. Not one of my best, unfortunately. I used various papers, water-colours, ball-point pen, pencils, stickers and strips of netting.

Chocolate Collection - done for a ten person swap. I rather enjoyed this one ^^ I used soft papers, stickers, a lovely fluffy string and pencils.

Two collectiosn featuring found images of women, using anything I had to hand. I quite like them both and still have them all in my folder.

Purple, Rust and Green - two doubles and a single I did using anything to hand. I still have these ones in my folder as well ^^

Angels - a swap I did with a young woman in France. I used tissue paper, acrylic paint, a glittery gell-sticker, a gorgeous ribbon, ball-point pen and glitter-gel pens. I'm quite proud of these ^^

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Psychodiva said...

I always liked the mermaids ones